OKRs Focus in Businesses

Webinar on OKRs – Growth Strategy for your Business Sep 17th 2021 – Friday – 3PM – 4PM

“Ideas are Easy. Execution is Everything” – John Doerr

How OKRs help 1000s of companies accelerate growth

O – Objectives
K – Key
R – Results

What is OKR ?

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) are a goal-setting framework that helps organizations define goals — or objectives — and then track the outcome.

OKR is a concept widely accepted in the digital landscape as well as offline market to inspire and motivate their employees. It answers the major questions like:

  • Where do I want to go?
  • How do I pace myself to see if I am getting there?

OKRs provide organizational focus to teams and help in drastically improving productivity.

Download a brief note on OKR to understand a little about the same :

Session Focus

How to introduce OKRs for your Organization?
– A Case Study Presentation

Target Audience

CXOs / Founders / Chief of Staff / Strategy Leaders

Program Agenda

Speaker Session – 40 minutes
Q & A – 20 minutes

Webinar Outcome

  • What are OKRs ?
  • Why are OKRs being adopted by CXOs globally?
  • A case study presentation – An OKRs implementation story


No Registration Fee but prior registration is a must.

Registered Participants shall get confirmation mail 2 days before the program.

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Contact Co-ordinate

D C Sriram
RVK Business Advisory Services P Ltd
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WA – +91 9150061418

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Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)

Indian Railways rolls out Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)

Indian Railways rolls out Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) over 156 Health facilities across Indian Railways !

Reading this PIB announcement today.

This announcement has triggered the interest of many and has seen conversations floating around the same .Seen “Appreciations” and also “WATCH OUT Govt Healthcare Initiatives” kind of statements.

Govts, when decide to take control of Healthcare delivery & make right investments, will throw real stiff competition to Pvt Healthcare. Country requires this balancing act in managing communities health.

Govts have not invested into creating Quality Healthcare Infra for decades and pandemic has shown the gaps to communities about the flaws in both Govt and Pvt Hcare Infra in the country.

All 3 As – pillars of Healthcare Delivery, came down crashing or crumbled.

Its hightime Govt Hcare institutions embrace digital healthcare by making right investments to improve Patient experience.

HIS or HIMS has been there in pvt healthcare for more than 2 decades and has not really taken off in a big way.Industry has seen very average utilization rates of around 30% or even less. Reasons for low utilization rates are too many but the key factor is lack of #Upskilling of Health Workers which is critical to make technology usage becomes a culture in any organisation.

Healthcare businesses have to focus in bringing alignment between People & Technologies to streamline their Processes, through massive people upskilling initiatives.

Railways investing into HMIS is a good move. What is needed is strengthening basic IT infra in all hospitals, providing hardware to people (which often doesn’t happen) and massive on the job training for the next 3-4 years to make this initiative very successful. Identifying Change Agents to lead and drive this Change internally is also very important.

User acceptance for digital health was also not there all these years and now users will accept hybrid forms of delivery in many businesses, healthcare being no exception.

With NDHM rollout on the cards, seamless integration of all these tech initiatives into NDHM’S platform become critical.

Railways have created their own HMIS platform.

Read the announcement below from PIB for more information.


6th Annual Health Technology Conference from CAHO ! Connecting Healthcare & Technology


CAHOTECH offers a unique platform for healthcare providers to learn about disruptive technological advancements and futuristic trends. The event focuses on scalable technology solutions to make modern healthcare accessible, available, efficient and affordable to all. 

Over the years, CAHOTECH has connected hundreds of technology companies to thousands of healthcare organizations, introduced our healthcare partners to newer methods and technology to improve their quality and efficiency of care, and highlighted the best practices in making such purchases – ensuring that there is information sharing among consumers of healthcare technology in a fast-evolving market that is hard to keep track of.

Since 2020, the pandemic has transformed the event into a virtual event. We believe that such a transformation, though with its own flaws, also allows more people to attend the sessions with convenience and comfort. We are also able to get a larger base of speakers and ideas and this transformation into a virtual event is turning out to be a blessing in disguise.

2021 Edition

CAHOTECH 2021 is a 5 days virtual event, starting with the PitchFest and Hospital Innovations Showcase on 13th and 14th August respectively. The 3 days main conference sessions (brochure enclosed) will be from 3 pm to 7 pm on the following themes:

19th August: Scaling Technology Adoption

20th August: Digital Transformation in Healthcare

21st August: Interconnected Healthcare Ecosystem

Event Update at a glance :

Program Agenda

Download the full program agenda from here

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World Accreditation Day 2021

Accreditation Day Greetings to All Stakeholders

World Accreditation Day 2021

Theme – Accreditation: Supporting the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

09 June 2021 marks World Accreditation Day (#WAD2021), a global initiative established by IAF and ILAC to promote the value of accreditation. This year’s theme is Accreditation: Supporting the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The SDGs are at the core of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a broad and ambitious plan of action with the overarching objective of leaving no one behind. Accreditation, in collaboration with other quality infrastructure institutions, provides the technical foundations that are critical to the functioning of developed and developing societies. It enables industrial development, trade competitiveness in global markets, efficient use of natural and human resources, food safety, and health and environmental protection.

Global Businesses are getting into implementing Sustainable Business Solutions, following Sustainable Business Practices. ISO has released many Management Systems Standards in the recent years for businesses to learn, implement internally.

These are linked to CSR Reporting, ESG Reporting and Sustainability Reporting for Listed companies and top 1000 companies with high market capitalisation in stock exchange in India.

Sustainability Accounting Norms are already released globally for reporting in organisations Accounting Audit Reports.

Recently we saw some Global Investors making announcements on their Investment priorities in India where the Investors said their investment decisions will be linked to the sustainable business practices adopted by businesses.

Businesses of all sizes – MSMEs or large scale orgns need to LEARN, UNDERSTAND, IMPLEMENT these solutions internally to ensure the Health and Wellbeing of Communities which will become the Global Priority now.

Its hightime that Accounting Professionals , Management Systems Consultants join hands together to deliver good Sustainable Business Practices, Solutions to businesses .

Value Added , in its 30 years of Consulting journey, had seen the saga of Certifications, Accreditations and impact made by these market place recognition programs on businesses for their business growth. We have facilitated , guided more than 500 + organisations to implement multiple Management Systems Certifications, Accreditation Programs fro many sectors.

It would be interesting to see the rise and Sustainable Business Practices at the market place from now.

We shall be organising series of Knowledge Sessions on these Standards and how these get integrated into the business practices of organisations.

Happy Accreditation Day Celebrations to Industry and Stakeholders !

World Accreditation Day 2021 Celebrations

Word Accreditation Day Celebrations 2021 – Organised by Consultants Consortium of Chennai

World Accreditation Day 2021

Theme – Accreditation: Supporting the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

09 June 2021 marks World Accreditation Day (#WAD2021), a global initiative established by IAF and ILAC to promote the value of accreditation. This year’s theme is Accreditation: Supporting the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The SDGs are at the core of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a broad and ambitious plan of action with the overarching objective of leaving no one behind. Accreditation, in collaboration with other quality infrastructure institutions, provides the technical foundations that are critical to the functioning of developed and developing societies. It enables industrial development, trade competitiveness in global markets, efficient use of natural and human resources, food safety, and health and environmental protection.

IAF and ILAC have published a joint WAD 2021 statement by the IAF and ILAC Chairs, a brochure and a poster:

In addition, three videos with the themes of People, Planet and Prosperity will be released on the IAF-ILAC Youtube channel in mid-May. These three pillars group the SDGs according to common goals and are reflective of publications from UNIDOOECD and UNDP.

The Public Sector Assurance and Business Benefits websites, which contain case studies, research and supporting materials demonstrating the benefits and value of accreditation, also now feature an option for searching by SDG. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic may again disrupt physical WAD events, we encourage everyone to celebrate with us online using the hashtag #WAD2021 and to contact your local accreditation body for further details on local media and online seminars and programs they may be organising.

Source : https://www.iaf.nu/articles/World_Accreditation_Day_2021/685

About Consultants Consortium of Chennai – CCC :

Consultants Consortium of Chennai (CCC) is an Association of Management Systems Consultants, registered under the Tamil nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975.

The Key Objective of CCC is to work in alignment with the National Quality Mission launched by the Government of India by educating the industry about the role and importance of Standards, Certifications and Regulations in the country as well as in the global markets.

CCC strives to encourage Responsible Consulting through Members of its Association and focus is to Standardize Consulting Practices in alignment with changing market and industry needs in a dynamic manner.

The focus is also to identify areas and industries in which the consultants in the profession of Management Systems Consulting can contribute to the betterment of the society and the country and to promote Management Systems Consulting in such areas or industries.

One of the core objectives is to collaborate with various Industry platforms, Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Management Associations, Apex Bodies of Government or Quasi Government Organization to contribute to the betterment of the industry initiatives, which will in turn contribute to the betterment of the society.

Webinar Series organised by CCC :

CCC has organised #WAD2020 successfully. Same initiative is planned by CCC for 2021 as well.
CCC has tentatively scheduled a week long sessions with following topics :

Registrations :

Entry is free for all Management Systems Consultants, Technical Experts, Industry Experts, Professionals, Industry Members, Academia , Students, Members of Trade & Industry Associations

Program Dates are listed above.

Registration Link :

Prior Regn is a MUST for Participation. All regd participants will get email confirmations 2 days before the commencement of the sessions.

For queries on Regns, email can be sent to :

Ms Rama Venugopal – contact@ccc-consultants.org – +919840870532
Mr D Srikanthan – secretariat@ccc-consultants.org – +919003056539

Do visit CCC Website for regular updates – http://ccc-consultants.org/wad-2021-celebrations/

Customers Quality Systems – Supply Chain getting Trained

Orientation Program for IVD Manufacturers about Various Quality Systems Programs implemented by their User Industry – Hospitals, Med Labs , Other Healthcare Organisations

Supply Chain is showing interest to learn about various Quality Systems implemented by their Customers

Customers Quality Systems – Supply Chain getting Trained

Got a call from an IVD Manufacturer last week expressing interest to get his team trained on various Quality Management Systems followed by healthcare organisations.

I first thought I heard it wrong, I thought he was seeking training for his team on Med Dev QMS. When I asked the question, he said NO and his question is about getting his team members understand a little about various QMS Programs implemented by their customers like NABL, NABH , CAP, QAI Programs.

I was a little surprised and asked him for the reason for choosing a topic like this, though I could quickly guess where he would be heading to. He has mentioned that they are supplying their products to multiple categories of healthcare organisations . Each one comes up with some Certification, Accreditation program that they are implementing. Having implemented Med Dev QMS & Product Certification Programs in house, he felt that its appropriate for his team to acquire some basic knowledge about their Customers Quality Systems Programs and ensuring that as Vendors to the respective healthcare orgns, they would prefer to provide necessary inputs, information that are needed by these Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) during their Quality journey.

This is what is emerging across the globe. Many businesses / sectors are ensuring that their Supply Chain is also in sync with their Quality Systems Journey. When a Mfrer or a Service Provider delivers a Product or a Service to end user / customer, as a finished good, he/she has to doubly ensure that his supply chain also maintains high Quality Standards. It becomes imperative for the Vendors, Suppliers , Stakeholders who are part of the supply chain to be in sync, in alignment with the Quality Systems adopted by their customers.

Similarly, businesses that are seeking support from suppliers, should also make an effort to understand the Quality Systems – be it Product or Systems Certifications, implemented by the Suppliers in their respective organisations. This is the fundamental requirement of Vendor Evaluation in any business. Understanding the Suppliers Quality Systems Programs Matters for Businesses too ! Many Regulated Business Sectors, across the globe, have initiated this exercise of bringing the Supply Chain under some Quality Standards, Systems Programs. Automotive Sector was the 1st sector to introduce this almost 2 decades ago. Many other sectors which are under Regulatory Control are slowly introducing this concept.

This manufacturers/suppliers, being the suppliers to many healthcare organisations, come under the supplier category to these businesses. Healthcare Sector being regulated (be it Products or Services) in the country now, Supplier Quality Compliance will become a norm sooner or later.

We have customised a 3 day program for the IVD Mfrer’s team comprising of :
– Technical Team
– Sales Team
– Customer Support Team
– Management Team

The program was designed in such a manner to provide them a bird’s eye view on various Healthcare Certification, Accreditation Programs that are currently available in India for healthcare businesses to choose.

We have also designed a session on Minimum Standards that are adopted in the country as Regulatory spec which addresses basic QMS to be implemented by Med Labs in the country.

It was interesting session fielding questions from IVD Mfrers about Quality Systems Programs in HCOs.

  • Some interesting questions posed by them :
  • For a start up lab, Is there a bare minimum period required to get the accreditation, if all the criteria is met?
  • Is there any minimal number of parameters in scope of testing for applying certification ?
  • What is the difference betn Certification & Accreditation Program when most of the quality mgmt systems clauses are similar ?
  • Is it compulsory to do ILC ? Frequency ?
  • When there are multiple Certification , Accreditation Programs available for Med Labs, how to differentiate and choose a relevant, appropriate program for HCO

Matured Participants and the Quality of the interactions was highly invigorating .

Were actually surprised when they were asking questions related to :
– Voluntary withdrawal from Accreditations :
– Suspensions criteria
– Eligibility of the HCOs to reapply
– Normal scenarios , reasons for such actions taken by Accreditation Bodies
– Any penalties , punishments for non compliances

Some screen shots from the session :

3 days of orientation program came to a close today. Bird’s eye view of all National , International Certification, Accreditation Programs , Minimum Standards – Regulatory requirements were covered. Program was well received and appreciated by the participants.

Informative, customised content, pretty detailed, well explained, looking forward to detailed sessions

Some feedback received by the end of the session.

Moving forward, Quality Systems Implementation Programs become more inclusive in nature in near future. Businesses will ensure Quality of their Supply Chain and Suppliers will show more interest to learn about their Customers Quality Systems Implementation Programs. More inclusive it becomes, supply chain gets strengthened and end users will be assured of better Quality & Safe Products and Services.

Session was handled by :
Dr Srivatsan , Expert – Healthcare Quality Management Systems
A A Srinivasan – Principal Consultant
Chithambaranathan – Associate Consultant

Posted by :

Rama Venugopal
Executive Director
Value Added Corporate Services P Ltd
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Knowledge Series for Small Hospitals

How to Manage your Hospital Effectively

Smart Hospitals is the Knowledge Sharing Platform created to educate Small and Midsized Hospital owners about ease of doing healthcare business in more efficient ways. We have been conducting series of knowledge sharing initiatives in the form on Conferences, Round Table Meets, Meet ups etc as part of our Learning and Development initiatives for Small Hospitals spread across the country.

Performing Business Healthchecks will emerge as main KPI for healthcare businesses slowly. Monitoring of Real time data matters and analysing the same matters much more. Business Healthchecks are closely connected to Operations , Quality and Financial Management of hospitals.

These L&D series from Smart Hospitals will empower Hospital Owners, Medical Professionals, Operations Head, Management Teams, Functional teams at hospitals to LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN more.

Pandemic has brought glaring gaps in the hcare ecosystem to sharp focus – be it building safe healthcare facilities, doing procurement the right way, upskilling of human resources to use tech in hospitals more effectively, managing finances judiciously as we are all living in a VUCA world now.

So planning and managing medical facilities in times of uncertainity matters. Sessions like these will help us to decode the spec and offer solutions to move forward.

We are planning series of Knowledge Sessions like Virtual Trainings, Virtual Workshops on Operational and Financial Management topics. These sessions are powered by Healthcare Events

Program Details

Program spreads across 5 sessions.

Start Date – 15th May 2021
End Date – 29th May 2021
Time Schedules – 3 pm – 5pm

Registration Fee – Rs 2000 for each participant (covering all 5 sessions)

Registration Link :

Program Structure

Contact Co-ordinate :

For Registration & More Details :
Ms Betsy Lawrence
Mobile – +91-8939065454 /+91-9686140567
Email: betsy@hosconnnconsulting.com