Strategic Advisory Services

Cutting edge strategies to stay ahead of challenges.

Businesses have aspirations to Grow whether they are early stage or growth stage companies. Dreaming big is everyone’s right. Strategic focus differ from organisation to organisation. no-one-size-fits-all. What is relevant for an early stage business may not be relevant to the growth stage business. Hence business strategies differ and it requires 360 degree perspective from with in as well as from external view point to drive strategy in any business.

Businesses adopt multiple strategies to grow and may opt for Collaborations, Joint Ventures, Acquisitions, Mergers etc . Brown filed and Green field focus are forever green models in the business world. Aggressive buyouts, distress sales are also part of the growth strategies for growth stage businesses.

100% FDI is allowed under the automatic route for greenfield projects in healthcare under the FDI Policy announced by Govt of India . For brownfield project investments, up to 100% FDI is permitted under the Government route. Demand growth, cost advantages and policy support have been instrumental in attracting more FDIs into healthcare space.

Value Added Consultants with their diversified functional expertise offer advisory services to businesses during their growth phase.

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