Knowledge Series for Small Hospitals

How to Manage your Hospital Effectively

Smart Hospitals is the Knowledge Sharing Platform created to educate Small and Midsized Hospital owners about ease of doing healthcare business in more efficient ways. We have been conducting series of knowledge sharing initiatives in the form on Conferences, Round Table Meets, Meet ups etc as part of our Learning and Development initiatives for Small Hospitals spread across the country.

Performing Business Healthchecks will emerge as main KPI for healthcare businesses slowly. Monitoring of Real time data matters and analysing the same matters much more. Business Healthchecks are closely connected to Operations , Quality and Financial Management of hospitals.

These L&D series from Smart Hospitals will empower Hospital Owners, Medical Professionals, Operations Head, Management Teams, Functional teams at hospitals to LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN more.

Pandemic has brought glaring gaps in the hcare ecosystem to sharp focus – be it building safe healthcare facilities, doing procurement the right way, upskilling of human resources to use tech in hospitals more effectively, managing finances judiciously as we are all living in a VUCA world now.

So planning and managing medical facilities in times of uncertainity matters. Sessions like these will help us to decode the spec and offer solutions to move forward.

We are planning series of Knowledge Sessions like Virtual Trainings, Virtual Workshops on Operational and Financial Management topics. These sessions are powered by Healthcare Events

Program Details

Program spreads across 5 sessions.

Start Date – 15th May 2021
End Date – 29th May 2021
Time Schedules – 3 pm – 5pm

Registration Fee – Rs 2000 for each participant (covering all 5 sessions)

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Program Structure

Contact Co-ordinate :

For Registration & More Details :
Ms Betsy Lawrence
Mobile – +91-8939065454 /+91-9686140567