Accredited testing laboratories, calibration laboratories and Reference Material Producers may note the clarification on the use of ULR number released by NABL recently.

Key Highlights about the announcement :

Government electronic Marketplace (GeM) accepts test reports issued by NABL accredited laboratories along with the products which are uploaded on the GeM portal.

Similarly for product / equipment which is to be used after calibration, the calibration certificates issued by NABL accredited calibration laboratories are accepted. RM document from NABL accredited RMP is required to be uploaded along with any (certified) reference material on GeM portal.

To authenticate the test reports / calibration certificates / RM documents, GeM has sought the co-operation of NABL in getting the data on reports mapped with the claim of the sellers. To facilitate such mapping, an 18-digit ULR number has to be mentioned on all reports issued by testing & calibration laboratories and RMPs. This number will be in addition to the report number of the laboratory / RMP and will have to be mentioned in all reports issued with accredited scope only.

This system is not mandatory for test reports issued by bulk petroleum product manufacturer’s laboratories, test reports of non-commodities like air, waste water and similar environmental parameters and results related to veterinary testing, dope testing & forensic testing.

For testing and calibration laboratories, discipline (example- Biological / Mechanical) and group (example- Water /

Dimension) as applicable needs to be mentioned before the product and parameters in the reports. (Please refer NABL 120)

For RMP, category and sub-category needs to be mentioned before the product / parameters in the document. (Please refer NABL 191).

It is reiterated that the ULR system has to be followed in line with the current version of NABL 133.

This system is not to be used in reports containing parameters outside the scope of NABL accreditation.

Read the full notification issued by NABL here :

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