Indian Railways rolls out Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)

Indian Railways rolls out Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) over 156 Health facilities across Indian Railways !

Reading this PIB announcement today.

This announcement has triggered the interest of many and has seen conversations floating around the same .Seen “Appreciations” and also “WATCH OUT Govt Healthcare Initiatives” kind of statements.

Govts, when decide to take control of Healthcare delivery & make right investments, will throw real stiff competition to Pvt Healthcare. Country requires this balancing act in managing communities health.

Govts have not invested into creating Quality Healthcare Infra for decades and pandemic has shown the gaps to communities about the flaws in both Govt and Pvt Hcare Infra in the country.

All 3 As – pillars of Healthcare Delivery, came down crashing or crumbled.

Its hightime Govt Hcare institutions embrace digital healthcare by making right investments to improve Patient experience.

HIS or HIMS has been there in pvt healthcare for more than 2 decades and has not really taken off in a big way.Industry has seen very average utilization rates of around 30% or even less. Reasons for low utilization rates are too many but the key factor is lack of #Upskilling of Health Workers which is critical to make technology usage becomes a culture in any organisation.

Healthcare businesses have to focus in bringing alignment between People & Technologies to streamline their Processes, through massive people upskilling initiatives.

Railways investing into HMIS is a good move. What is needed is strengthening basic IT infra in all hospitals, providing hardware to people (which often doesn’t happen) and massive on the job training for the next 3-4 years to make this initiative very successful. Identifying Change Agents to lead and drive this Change internally is also very important.

User acceptance for digital health was also not there all these years and now users will accept hybrid forms of delivery in many businesses, healthcare being no exception.

With NDHM rollout on the cards, seamless integration of all these tech initiatives into NDHM’S platform become critical.

Railways have created their own HMIS platform.

Read the announcement below from PIB for more information.

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