Guidelines on Extended Producer Responsibility for Plastic Packaging

Guidelines on Extended Producer Responsibility for Plastic Packaging

CPCB has developed the Centralized portal for registration of Producers, Importers and Brand-owners (PIBOs) & Plastic Waste Processors (PWPs) which was launched on April 05, 2022 and is available at https.//

WHEREAS, vide letters dated 17-8-2022, 18-09-2022 & 13.1 2.22, CPCB issued directions to all Plastic raw material manufacturers not to supply plastic raw material directly to producers engaged in manufacturing of plastic packaging who have not obtained valid Registration from CPCB/SPCB/PCC on the Centralised EPR Portal

CPCB has conducted a series of Meetings, Workshops with the stakeholders and incorporated modifications on the EPR Portal based on the suggestions given by the stakeholders.

In exercise of powers vested under Sectlon 5 of Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 to the Chairman CPCB, following directions are hereby issued

    • Application for grant of EPR Registration of Producer shall be processed on proof of submission of application (Application No. generated through EPR Portal) for grant of Consent before the concerned SPCBs/PCCs. Provisional EPR Registration shall be valid for an initial period of six months which may further be extended for  a period of six months provided the justification for the same has been submitted by the concerned producers. Final EPR registration shall be issued only after submission of valid CTO.
    • Closure notices already issued in the past by SPCBs/PCCs to Producers without EPR registration shall be revoked immediately upon submission of proof of application for EPR Registration by such producers.
    • No new Closure notices to be issued to producers who have provided proof of submission of application for EPR for Registration.
    • SPCBs/PCCs shall expedite the process of grant of CTE/ CTO to the Producers of Plastic Packaging as well as the Plastic Waste Processors without linking the grant of such CTE/CTO to recovery of dues, if any, to ensure speedy implementation of the EPR framework.

    The above Directions are applicable to all Producers and will be valid till October 31, 2023. It is to be further noted that timeline for supplying raw material to unregistered Producers in MSME /informal sector by plastic raw material manufacturers has been extended to April 30, 2023