Customer Service Standards

Customer Service Commitments from Singapore Health Sciences Authority

Singapore Government’s HSA – Health Sciences Authority‘s website has a page which has listed out its Customer Service Commitments.

Simple and clear #CustomerServiceStandards are listed as below :

We are committed to:

– Treat our customers with courtesy and consideration.

– Provide customer service in a positive, helpful and timely manner.

– Handle customer feedback with sensitivity and honesty.

– Provide accurate and current information to the public.

– Set appropriate target turnaround times for our professional services.

– Conduct regular consultations with our stakeholders and customers to continuously develop and improve our services.

– Reply to straightforward enquiries within 3 working days, but may take longer for more complex issues. We will inform you if more time is needed.

– Attend to customers within 10 minutes of appointment time.

– Answer telephone calls within 30 seconds.

Some of these are low hanging fruits which are easy to follow in any Pvt or Govt Organisation.

In Management Systems Consulting, while working on simple #CRMStrategies, we ask businesses to focus on defining simple Service Standards towards their customers. Some attempt, some create but many struggle.

Creation of Simple Measurable Services Standards should be integral part of any business.

Defining and communicating these Standards with Internal Customers ie Employees and communicating the same with External Customers brings a different dimension to customer satisfaction.

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