HELP is a knowledge sharing, networking, and capacity building platform that aims to transform the Indian health sector to green and climate smart health care, and promote environment and public health. It was established through a partnership between Public Health Foundation of India, Centre for Chronic Disease Control and Health Care Without Harm.

On 2nd August 2023, HELP launched the Guidance document on Healthcare Sustainability Committee.

Amidst unprecedented challenges like pandemics and the climate crisis, Health and Environment Leadership Platform( H.E.L.P)hosted by the Centre for Chronic Disease Control(CCDC)   acknowledges the pressing need to prioritize sustainability in healthcare delivery.

Embracing environmental stewardship and social responsibility, H.E.L.P. strongly advocates the establishment of a Healthcare Sustainability Committee.

This committee should focus on key areas such as Energy Efficiency, Waste Management, Water Conservation, Sustainable Food, Improved Transport Strategies, Sustainable Procurement, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Safety, Green Hospital Design, and Sustainable Construction.

By assembling a diverse team of administrators and operational staff, the committee aims to drive eco-friendly initiatives, ultimately enhancing the well-being of people, communities, and the environment we serve.                       

Follow link to access the document :


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