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Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is the premier R&D organization of Ministry of  Electronics& Information Technology (Meity) for carrying out R&D in IT, Electronics and associated areas. More details about C-DAC can be found at

CDAC, Mohali, originally established as CEDTI (Center for Electronics Design & Technology of India) in the year 1989 is a leading organization of the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Govt. of India for electronics and related technologies. The electronics section has executed several Govt. Of India projects in fields of medical and agriculture. A few products / technologies developed during the course of different projects / initiatives have been refined are being offered for ‘Transfer of technology’. At this point of time, the following products are offered on a non-exclusive basis. After due process as per the CDAC’s ToT policy, the successful bidder shall be provided full technical support to productionise and market the products in Indian markets as per the applicable norms. 

  1. Mini Hydroponics system &
  2. Wireless auscultation training system
  3. MK-1ARS

The technology will be transferred on non-exclusive basis. 

      The procedure shall involve the following steps – 

  1. Call for Expression of interest. The interested Organizations/Entrepreneurs/Agencies can inspect the prototype of the product at CDAC Mohali, before submitting their sealed bid of EoI
  2. The TOT committee will analyze received EoI’s on the basis of Technical and financial position, capability and reputation of the applicants. The short listed applicants shall be asked for submission of their sealed best price (financial) bids.
  3. TOT Committee will do the screening and issue offer letters for TOT to one or more applicants based on highest bid or higher than the certain minimum fixed by the empowered authority. 
  4. The selected Organizations/Entrepreneurs/Agencies will pay the TOT fees and sign the agreement for TOT.CDAC will then transfer the technology, hand over all the supporting documents and will provide full technical support and training to the TOT partner.

The ToT package shall contain the following 

  1. Document(s) for design and fabrication with block diagram and schematic level explanation of the system.
  2. Bill of Materials of the total system.
  3. Gerber files for PCB design.
  4. Source code of the software.
  5. Test plan and procedure.
  6. Guidelines for field trial and commissioning.
  7. Training.
  8. Handholding support for a period of 6 months.

General terms & conditions 

  1. The last date for receipt of EoI in the attached template (format) is 6 pm. of  31st  January , 2022. 
  2. This transfer of technology shall be on a non-exclusive basis. 
  3. An expert committee will scrutinize the applications for follow-up action. The applicants may be called for a presentation regarding their strengths and business proposals. 
  4. All incidental expenditure incurred in preparation/ submission or presentation of the EoI shall be borne by the participating Organizations/Entrepreneurs/Agencies.
  5. Participation in this EoI does not guarantee any association with C-DAC unless notified by C-DAC in writing. 
  6. C-DAC reserves the right of rejecting any offer without assigning reasons. 
  7. Any offer received after due date/time will not be accepted. 
  8. There is neither a business guarantee nor any commitment for funding support from C-DAC to the appointed/ Empanelled agencies. 
  9. A Committee of experts constituted by the competent authority (Director General, CDAC in congruence with Executive Director, CDAC Mohali) will assess capabilities and strengths of the applicant/industry before finalizing the TOT. The minimum turnover of the organization in last three years and/or the manufacturing capabilities may be fixed as one of the eligibility criteria for short listing o f the applicants. 
  10. The shortlisted applicants shall then be invited for financial bidding. C-DAC Mohali reserves the right for asking security fee. Based on value quoted and subject to minimum fixed by committee; one or more of the applicants shall be selected for TOT. 
  11. The selected applicant willing to take technology for commercial exploitation will be required to enter into a ToT agreement with C-DAC as per the terms and conditions approved by the competent authority for the purpose. 
  12. The decision of the committee/ Director General, C-DAC / Executive Director C-DAC, Mohali shall be binding on all concerned. 

Who can apply? 

•Organizations/Entrepreneurs/Agencies with experience or interest in Electronics or Information    and Communications Technology (ICT) 

•Organizations/Entrepreneurs/Agencies willing to take up the local production and    manufacturing of Electronic Stethoscope.

How to apply? 

Interested Organizations/Entrepreneurs/Agencies may send expression of interest with their details by filling the questionnaire as per Annexure – A along with supporting documents to following address. 

The participants may then be asked for financial bidding for the transfer of technology. 

Executive Director  
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) 
A 34, Phase VIII Industrial  Area, Mohali(Near Chandigarh)Punjab ,INDIA
Phone: +91-172-6619000, 2237052-57
Fax: +91-172-2237050-51

Note: For any queries please contact : 
Ms. Brijinder Kaur Tel: + 91-172-6619073, 

Download the EoI Document here for more detailed information :

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