DoP Announcement – Call for Updating, Listing of Domestic Manufacturers in India

Announcement from DoP to Local Manufacturers of Specific Medical Devices / Equipment


This Annexure contains the list of Medical Devices/Equipment, for which, the details of local manufacturers are not available, as per the details collated from the Domestic

Medical Device manufacturing Associations such as AiMED & ADMI and KIHT (based on the details of medical devices, as furnished by the procuring agencies)

LIST-1 of 128 Medical Devices/Equipment

S.No.                                               Name of Medical Device/Equipment
1Intra-aortic balloon Pump (IABP)
2Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery instrument set
3Flow Track Cardiac Output Monitoring (EV1000)
4Sander’s Jet Ventilator for Emergency Airway
5ENT Coblator system with standard set of wands
6Automated Identification and antibiotic susceptibly system  
7Automated Semen Analyzer
8Histopathology fully automated H& E slide Stainer
9Fully Automated IHC Stainer
10Auto PAP cervical cancer screening system with HPV
11Automatic components preparation machine
12Visual Field Analyzer
13Cystoscope paediatric cystoscope
14Flow Cytometer
15Flexible cysto-nephoscopy
16T Piece Resuscitator
17CO2 Fraction Laser
18Diode Laser
19Q-Switched ND YAD Laser
20Video Bronchoscope set Adult, Paediatric, and Neonatal
21Surgical Operating Microscope
22Cavitational /Cavitron – Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (CUSA)
23Endobronchial Ultrasound System
24Rotary Microtome
25Magnifying surgical loups
26Endoscopic Saphenous Vein Harvesting (EVH) System
27Intra operative Imaging and TTFM for CT Surgery
28DEXA Scan
29Radio surgery equipment
30Near Infrared Spectroscopy
31Fluid therapy  
32Near Infrared Spectrometer (NIRS)
33Electro Physiology (EP) System
34TOF Monitor/Watch for Neuro Muscular block
35Transcranial Doppler
36Low Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Steriliser  
37Mannequins (Laerdal) for training of CPR for COVID Preparedness
a) Intubation
b) Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
c) Peripheral, Central and Arterial Cannulation
d) Front of neck Access (Cricothyroidotomy and tracheostomy)
38Image Analysis Tools/ Trinocular Compound Phase Contrast Microscope for Andrology Lab  
39Gas Analysis Apparatus Halden’s Student Type
40Gas Analyzer Automatic for CO2, O2 and N2
41High end Operating Microscope
42Plasma Coblation System
44ENT Skull Base Navigation System
45Automated Microbial Identification and Sensitivity System
46NAT Analyzer
48Vitek2-Automated Microbiology Susceptibility Testing Analyser
49FFR Machine (Fractional Flow Reserve)
51Kingfisher Flex
52ACL Elite
53Cytoprep Centrifuge with Vortex Mixer
54Antigen Retrieval System
55Trans Oesophageal Echo Cardiograph
56IVUS –Volcano
57STERRAD -100 NX All Clear
58Minimally Invasive Cardiac Instruments
60Endourology set
61Cystoscope Karl Storz
62Video Endoscopy Systems
63Floppy wire with extra support 0 Coronary Angioplasty
64Fully Automated Non-Contact Tonometer
65Optical Biometer
66Phaco Machine with Posterior and Anterior Vitrectomy
67Portable Ultrasound Machine for Anaesthesia and Vascular Access
68Activated Clotting Time Machine
69Thromboelastogram (TEG)/ Thromboelastometer/ ROTEM
70Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) Sound Processor with Soft Band.
71CI Speech Processor for Cochlear Implant   
72Bi-Ventricular Pacemaker with Quadripolar LV Lead
73DDDR with Matching Electrodes Pacemaker
74MRI Conditional Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (AICD)
75MRI Conditional Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy – Pacing (CRT- P)
76Single Chamber (SSI) MRI Compatible Pacemaker
77Single Chamber Temporary Pacemaker
78Non-complain /semi complain /CTO coronary balloon.  
79Vacuum Heart Stabilizer System for off Pump CABG
80Expandable Corpectomy device
81Biomimetic Synthetic Absorbable Dural substitute of sizes
82AO TRS Modular Drive for Drill/Reamer
83AO TRS Modular Sagittal saw system
84Battery Oscillator
85Arthroscopy Systems
86Navigation System for Neurosurgery & Orthopaedic Surgery
87Time Lapse Embryo Imaging System
88Portable Mobile Endoscopy Unit
90Isothermal Calorimeter (ITC)
91Electrical Impedance Tomography  
92FNIRS (Functional Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy) System  
93Automated Hand-Held Analyzer  
94Automated High Throughput Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) System  
95Automated IHC (lmmunoHistochemistryStainer)  
96Automated Slide Stainer for Histopathology
973T Digital PET/MR  
98Dual Particle Cyclotron on buyback basis  
99Sweat Collection and Chloride Estimation  
100Automated Bronchoscope Cleaning Equipment  
101Electronics and console for the existing 700 MHz NMR Spectrometer  
102Video bronchoscope with mobility of tip in four directions  
103Freeze Facture System  
104Cryo Plunge Freezing Unit  
105Biological High- Resolution Atomic Force Microscopy  
106Carbon Coater (Evaporator) for grids
107HemostasisAnalyzer System  
108Auricular Reconstruction Set  
109Thin Layer Chromatography Liner Analyser for lipid analysis  
110Digital Slide Scanner System  
111Full Endoscopic lumbar IT & ED set  
112Rapid Blood/Fluid Flow warmer  
113Fully Automated Computerized Archival System for Histopathology & Cytology Slides  
114Vacuum Assist Drainage Controller Device  
115VAP Care System  
116Cryoablation Unit  
1173D Printer Hardware with SLA (LFS) TM Technology and Machine interface software  
118Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitor  
119Non-Invasive Jugular Oximetry Monitor  
120Dedicated Solid-state cardiac SPECT Camera
121Hemodynamic Recorded for Cardio Vascular Lab  
122Gel Documentation System  
123Automatic Colony Counter
124Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction System (PCR)  
125Multi-block PCR Machine
126Integrated Automated Charting System upgradable for ICU Monitoring System  
127Viscoelastic Global coagulation Testing Device  
128Robotic Surgery System with accessories  

LIST – 2 of 365 Medical Devices/Equipment

S.NoName of Medical Device/Equipment
13 feet IVF workstation with stereo microscope & camera
2384 well block, 96-well block and open array real-time PCR system
34D Echo Cardiography
4532 nm Green Laser Console
5Advanced Flow Cytometer
6Advanced High Energy Linear Accelerator (LA) System
7Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System
8Air Particle Counter
9Ambulatory blood pressure Monitor Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
10Anaerobic work station with gas cylinder complete
11Animal Stimulator Software for Pharmacology
12Antibiotic Zone Reader
13Apheresis Machine
14ATLS Practising Manikin
15Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) with hydride generator
17Autoanalyzer immunoassay (chemiluminescence based) – fully automated with UPS back up
18Automated bacterial identification system
19Automated Capillary DNA Sequencer
20Automated Cell Viability Analyser with computer, printer and UPS
21Automated Clinical Electrophoresis
22Automated continuous monitoring standalone blood culture system
23Automated Coverslipper
24Automated digital slide scanner
25Automated liquid handling system for Serial Dilutions
26Automated Microbial Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing System
27Automated Nucleic Acid Purification system (96 well)   
28Automated Perimeter
29Automated Protein Purification System (FPLC)-
30Automated rapid T.B culture and drug sensitivity detection system for 960 samples
31Automated Real Time qPCR with four sample modules
32Automated Slide Stainer
33Automated Tissue Microarrayer & TMA Software
34Automated Urine Analyser
35Automated Vascular Doppler Recorder for ABI/TBI/Segmental Pressure
36Automatic Chemistry Analyzer
37Basic Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator
38Battery operated drills
39Bench top flow cytometer
40Bench Top Fourier Transform NMR System (Lower version)
41BERA with ASSR
42Bio-Fermenter 25-50L
43Biplane DSA
44Bipolar Resectoscope with Microprocessor Controlled Electrosurgical Unit
45Blood & Fluid Warmer HL 90 (PAC)
46Blood & Fluid Warming Device
47Blood Bank Management System Using RFID Technology (PAC) (Biolog-id)
48Blood Gas Analyser
49BLS Practising Manikin
50Body Plethysmograph with Diffusion Study
51bone filler device
53Cardiac autonomic neuropathy analyser
54Cardiopulmonary Bypass Machine
55Cardiotocography Machine
56C-arm Image Intensifier with DSA and Radiolucent Table
57Cartridge base nucleic acid amplification system (CBNAAT)-16 cartridge module
58CATH Lab including All accessories and EP
60Cell Counter (6 parts)
61Cell Morphology Biosensor
62Cell Saver
63Chemiluminescence & Gel imaging & analysis system
64Chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay processing system (CLEIA)
65Chemiluminescence and fluorescence doc imaging system (chemidoc imaging system)
66CHNS Analyzer
67Close Sterility Test System
68CO2 Laser
69Coaxial Ophthalmoscope Rechargeable
70Colour Doppler
71Colour Doppler (2D & 3D)
72Colour Doppler 4D
73Colour Doppler with all general-purpose probes
74Combined Ultrasonic Cutting, Coagulation & Vessel sealing System
75Complete Chromatographic Unit for paper & TLC
76Computer Assisted Semen Analyzer
77Computerized Biofeedback Machine
78Cone Beam Computed Tomography
79Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
80CR System
81Cranial Stabilization system
82CRRT Machine
83Cryo -Microtome (1 in class B)
84Cryo Surgical System
86CT 128 Slice
87CT 256 Slice
88CT Simulator System
90Cystoscope-resectoscope-VIU-Cystolithotripsy-TURis Adult set
91Densitometer with computer
92Derma scope
93DEXA Scanner (BMD)
94Difficult Airway management simulator
95Digital Colorimeters
96Digital Fundus Camera
97Digital Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera
98Digital Polarimeter Multi wavelength with printer
99Digital Refractor Meter
100Digital Slide Scanning System with Research Grade Microscope and Image Analysis Software
101Disintegration Test Equipment (1 basket for 6 tablets)
102Dissolution Apparatus
103Dissolution Apparatus with Auto Sampler
104Dissolution media preparation and delivery system
105DNA Sequencer (24 Capillary) +Computer
106DNA Sequencer (96 Capillary) +Computer
107Double beam UV spectrophotometer (UV-Vis, variable wavelength, glass and quartz cuvettes with data analysis software and computer interface and power back-up)
108Double door autoclave 200 L
109Drug Discovery Suite
110Dual action Ultrasonic plus Pneumatic lithotripter
111ECHO and USG Machine
112Echocardiography 2D machine
113Elbow & Ankle Arthroscopy
114Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) machine
115Electrohydraulic Urology operation theatre tables
116Electrolyte analyser
117Electron Microscope
118Electronic Blood Cell Counter with six-part differential
119Elevated grossing station
120ELISA (Demonstration)
121Elisa reader with washer and shaker
122Elispot Reader
123Embryonic/Foetal development model
124Endomotor – Endodontic Electric Motor
125Endoscopic sinus surgery set Xenon head light with camera system
126Endoscopic Ultrasound
127ENT Operating Microscope
128ENT Workstation
130ETO machine 100 lit
131ETO Sterilizer
132Excimer Coronary laser Atherectomy System with Catheter (50)
133Fenestrated adapter
134Fibre Optic Light Source
135Fibreoptic bronchoscope with monitor and recording facility for adult and paediatric
136Fibre-optic Video Bronchoscope
137Fibro Scan
138Flexible rhino-pharyngo-laryngoscope
139Flow cytometry with Cell Sorter
140Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
141Fragment Analyser/On Chip Electrophoresis Devices
142FT-Infrared Spectrophotometer with ATR and Pellet Press
143FT-Infrared Spectrophotometer with Pellet Press
144FTIR with ATR Arrangement
145Full body pregnancy simulator
146Full size Inhalation Exposure System
147Fully Automated Cell Counter (3 part)
148Fully Automated Coagulometer
149Fully automated Gel Documentation system with UPS back up
150Fully Automated Haemoglobin HPLC System (Model: Variant II Haemoglobin Testing System) (PAC)
151Fully Automated Multiplex Film Array Syndromic System (Model: Film Array TORCH 2.0)  
152Fully Automated Rotary Microtome with accessories
153Gamma Camera
154GAS Chromatography – Mass Spectrometer with flame Ionization detector (GC-MS with FID)
155GC- Electron capture detector (ECD)
156GC- Flame Ionization detector (FID&NPD)
159GC-HS with FID detector
160GCMS-MS (QQQ) with HS
161Gel electrophoresis horizontal with compatible power pack and accessories
162GLC with Head Space
163Gluteal IM Injection model
164Gradient PCR Machine
165Gradient Thermal Cycler with standalone UPS
166Grossing Station
167Hand foot UV phototherapy device
168Hand held Doppler (vascular)
169Handheld ICG Fluorescence Imaging System (Burns and Plastic Surgery Block)
170Harmonic scalpel
171HDR Brachytherapy
172Hemo Analyser
173Haemodialysis Machine with SLED
174High Content Screening System
175High Dimensional Flow Cytometry Analyser
176High End Virtual Simulator for Intraocular Surgery Training (Eyes Surgical; Simulator-VR Magic) (PAC)
177High Performance Liquid Chromatography – Analytical with Auto Injector
178High performance Thin Layer chromatography (HPTLC)
179High Resolution GCMS /MS
180High Resolution Manometry  
181High Resolution Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer
182High Through put Real Time PCR
183High throughput single cell analysis system
184High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph with PDA/DAD/RI/FLD
185High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph with PDA/RI/FLD
186High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph with Ultraviolet Detector/High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph with UV Detector
187High-Performance Liquid Chromatography- Analytical with auto injector
188High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography
189High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HP TLC)-MS
190Holmium Laser 100W
191Holmium LASER System with MOSES Technology (Lumenis Pulse 120H) (PAC)
192Holter monitor  
193HPLC based automated analyser for HbA1c & hemoglobinopathy testing
194HPLC based automated analyser for HbA1C testing
195HPLC Preparative (Lower Version)
196HPLC system
197HPLC system for haemoglobin analysis
198HPLC with fraction collector
200HPTLC with MS
201Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination System
202Hyperthermic Intra Vesicular Therapy (Combat BRS Recirculating Fluid Warming System) (PAC)
203ICP Monitor
205IHC Immunostainer
206Ilizarov Instrumentation Set Complete with Accessories as
207Image analyser cum viral foci counter
208Immunoanalyser (Chemiluminescence based) fully automated with UPS back up
209In vivo Animal imaging System
211Individually ventilated cages/housing system for small animals
212Infant Multipurpose Resuscitator cum Operating Beds
213Intense Pulse Light Device
214Intra Operative Nerve Monitoring
215Invasive BP Monitoring System
216Inverted Fluorescent Microscope with Live Cell Imaging Capability
217Inverted Trinocular Epifluorescence Microscope with Imaging system
218Ion Chromatograph
219IPL (Intense Pulse Light System)
220IUD insertion trainer uterus
221Karl Fischer Titrator (Semi-Micro Determination of Water)
222Laparoscopic Surgery set with High-Definition camera
223Laparoscopic Surgery Set with Hysteroscope & resectoscope with High-Definition Camera & Monitor
224Laser for existing Confocal Microscope
225Lasik Machine
229LEEP System with Smoke Evacuator & integrated cart
230Leyla Retractor System
231Life Port Kidney Transporter With 05 Sets of Expendables with Each Equipment (PAC)
232Liquid Based Cytology System
233Liquid Particle Counter
234Low Energy Linear Accelerator (LA) System
235Lymphovascular Microscope
236Magnetic Bead based Multiplex Immunoassay system
237Measurement of Lung clearance index (LCI)
238Medical Thoracoscope (semi rigid)
239Melting- Point Apparatus
240Mercury analyser
241Metaphase Finder System with Fluorescence
242Micro Needling Radio Frequency Equipment
243Microinjection system (Microinjector, Micromanipulator, Pipette puller)
244Micro method bilirubin analyser
245Microplate multimode reader
246Microscope (with Phase Contrast and Camera attachment)
247Microvascular Instruments Set
248Microwave digestion System
249Motor (electric) Dermabrader
251MRI 1.5 T
252MRI 3T T
253MSK-USG with linear transducer
254Multimode Microplate Reader and Fluorometer
255Multimode Reader
256Multiplex Protein Array System
257Multiplex Suspension Array System based on xMAP Technology
258Nanobio Spectrophotometer
259NdYag Laser with IPL
260ND Yag Laser(1064nm)
261Nerve stimulator (intra operative)
262Neuro Surgical Drill with all attachments.
263Neuropathy analyser-vibration perception threshold + temperature perception threshold
264Neurosurgery Operating Table with Accessories
265New-born Resuscitation Manikin
266Next Generation Sequencer – Higher Version
267Next Generation Sequencer – Lower Version
268Next generation sequencing machine
269Nursing baby with SimPad/Nursing kid with SimPad system
270OAE (screening)
271Operating Microscope
272Operating Microscope (Plastic Surgery)/Plastic Surgery Operating Microscope
273Ophthalmic Operating Microscope
274Orbitrap Proprietary Mass Spectrometer
275Orthopantomogram (OPG) unit
277Pacemaker Dual Chamber – External
278Pacemaker Single Chamber – External
279Patient Care Simulator
280Patient Care Simulator with Sim Pad
281Patient warming System
282PCNL set
283Paediatric Bronchoscope set
284Paediatric cystoscope and resectoscope set/Cystoscope & Resectoscope – Paediatric
285Paediatric High Resolution Fibre Flexible Bronchoscope with recorder and Screen Display
286Paediatric laparoscopy set
287Paediatric rigid Esophagoscope
289Phaco Machine
290Physical assessment simulator
291Platform pedography system
292Pneumatic lithotripter
293Point of Care Device for estimation of Cardiac Biomarkers (CKMB, Troponin, BNP, Myoglobin) and PT-INR
294Point of Care Machine (Trop I, BNP, CPK-MB, CRP)
295Polarimeter with Multi Wavelength
296Portable Colour Doppler
297Portable colour doppler with echo probe
298Portable Echocardiography system
299Portable Fluorescence Microscope
300Portable Ultrasound & Colour Doppler
301Potentiometric Titrator with necessary electrode
302Potentiometric Titrimeter
303Power Assisted Liposuction System  
304Power Tools for Craniomaxillofacial and hand surgery (Electric micro drill)
305Powered Liposuction Set
306Preparative floor model refrigerated ultracentrifuge
307Protein purification system
308Pulsed Field Electrophoresis System
309Pure tone Audiometer
310QTOF Mass Spectrometer
311Quaternary FHPLC (Fast High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) with Fluorescence + visible and PDA detectors with columns and autosampler (Inclusive Software programme + computer + printer+ Online UPS with at least 1 hr backup)
312Radiofrequency Generator with integrated vessel sealing and cutting system
313Raman Spectroscope
314Random access medium throughput fully automated chemistry analyser
315Real Time PCR machine with standalone UPS unit
316Realtime PCR based detection system for specialised pathogens & viruses
317Rigid Bronchoscope
318Rigid Thoracoscope (VATS)
319Semi-automated ELISA system with washers
320Semi Rigid Pleurovideoscope
321Shaver System cum micro drill
322Single Channel transcutaneous oxygen monitor
323Single Planar C-Arm Fluoroscope plus DSA with Fluoroscope Compatible OT Table
324Small animal behavioural monitoring, tracking and analysis system with accessories (For safety pharmacology)
327Super Microsurgery System
328Temporary Pace Maker Dual Chamber
329Temporary Pacer
330Texture Analyzer
331Thalassaemia And Hemoglobinopathy Testing/Screening System
332Thermal Cycler
333Tissue Morcellator
334TMT machine
335TOC analyser
336Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator
337Transcutaneous bilirubin analyser
338Transillumination Caries Detector
339Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
340Tube feeding simulator (NG, OG and PEG)
342Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography
343Ultracentrifuge with HEPA filter and necessary rotors
344Ultra-Fast Liquid Chromatography
345Ultrasonic Aspirator
346Ultrasonic cutting and Coagulation device
347Ultrasound (A+B scan)
348Ultrasound machine
349Ultraviolet/ Visible Spectrophotometer
350Uretero-renoscope- Adult
352Urodynamic System
354UV- vis Spectrophotometer
355UV/Visual spectrophotometer
356Vacuum assisted wound closer system
357Vacuum Assisted Tissue Processor
358Venepuncture and injection arm
359Venous Coupler System
360Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus with Western Blotting Apparatus
361Video Bronchoscopy system
362Video EEG (EEG apparatus 32 channel digital model with Videometery, stimulus evoked response signal
363Western Blot Apparatus with Compatible Power Pack
364Workstation for Multi-PTM analysis (Proteomics)

Note: List-1 is based on the details, furnished by procuring agencies, till by November 2021 and the List-2 is based on the further details furnished by procuring agencies subsequently.  


This Annexure contains the list of Medical Devices/Equipment, with the details of available local manufacturers, as collated from the Domestic Medical Device manufacturing Associations such as AiMED & ADMI and KIHT (based on the details of medical devices, as furnished by the procuring agencies)

List of 237 Medical Devices/Equipment

Note: The details, as received from the Associations, are incomplete and hence, the concerned local manufacturers are requested to give their full details, as requested in the Notice, to the mail id given in the announcement – pppmii-dop@gov.on

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Update from Pharmabiz News

DoP lists around 500 medical devices and equipment for which it could not identify any local manufacturers

Even though the government had way back in 2017 announced preference to Make-in India products under public procurement, the Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) has identified around 500 medical devices for which there is no data on the local manufacturers available even after its attempt to collect data from the domestic manufacturers association.

If no information is received till the end of December, the DoP will further proceed with the action, arriving that the local manufacturers are not available for these medical devices. This comes at a time when there has been a huge push towards Make in India projects and domestic industries have been demanding more preference to the local manufacturers.

For another 237 products it was able to collate data from the domestic medical devices manufacturing associations.

The Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has issued the Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order, 2017, on September 16, 2020, following which the DoP had issued guidelines on February 16, 2021 for implementation of the Order related to procurement of goods and services in medical devices.

The DoP received various representations from the procuring agencies under the Government of India with regard to non-availability of Class I and Class II suppliers for identified medical devices or equipment. An exercise was done by the Department to ascertain the local manufacturers from different sources for these identified medical devices and equipment, including from the domestic manufacturers association.

“However, recognising that the manufacturers of the identified medical devices may be spread across the country and may not be member of any manufacturers Association and also to give a reasonable opportunity, the said medical devices/equipment, as received from the procurement agencies are being put in public domain to collect details of local manufacturers,” said a latest public notice issued by the DoP.

It has sought details including name of the manufacturing entity, address of registered office and manufacturing location, contact details, email ID and phone numbers, local content percentage of the medical devices, specifications of the medical device equipment and whether it is registered with the government e-Marketplace portal, for smooth implementation of the public procurement policy which gives preference to domestic manufacturers with sufficient local content.

If no information is received in the email-ID provided by the Department latest by December 31, 2021, further action will be taken, arriving that local manufacturers are not available for these medical devices/equipment.

For details of the specifications of the medical devices or equipment in the list, the manufacturer may contact agencies like Central Medical Service Society of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Employees State Insurance Corporation of Ministry of Labour, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Procuring agencies of Ministry of Railways, Director General of Armed Forces Medical Services and HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd of Ministry of Health.

The list 1 of 128 medical devices and equipment for which public procurement agencies were not able to identify local manufacturers include intra-aortic balloon pump, video assisted thoracic surgery and minimally invasive cardiac surgery instrument set, flow track cardiac out monitoring device, ENT Coblator system and standard set of wands, among others. The list 2 of 365 medical devices and equipment include 4D echocardiography, ambulatory blood pressure monitor continuous glucose monitoring system, animal simulator for pharmacology, antibiotic zone reader, blood bank management system using RFID technology, among others. The List 1 was based on details furnished by the procuring agencies till November, 2021 and the List 2 was based on further details submitted subsequently.

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