Stressed Hospital Asset available for Takeover

About Credimore :

Credimore is an organisation that facilitates monitoring, review of debt and in the event it is under stress, finds a resolution and worst case scenario recovery. Essentially addresses the complete lifecycle of debt.

Credimore is backed by professionals and domain experts with rich experience in identifying business stress and addressing them at an early stage, the proverbial “Golden Hour”, to ensure that it is dealt at an early stage.

As part of IBC processes, Credimore comes across multiple investment opportunities in potential businesses and assets that are in the stressed space and are available for takeover.

About the Stressed Asset :

One such opportunity is available in respect of a stressed hospital asset in Bengaluru.

As per the information shared in the public domain, the hospital is located at Marathahalli, Bengaluru with 217 beds facility in 1.70 lakh Sq. Ft. Land and Building.

The investors normally get benefited by reasonable and attractive prices for stressed assets which can be acquired after a thorough due diligence.

Any healthcare businesses looking for expansions and scale up, can reach out to Credimore, if interested for further details and information.

Businesses with growth plans, planning expansions through acquisition route also, can reach out to Credimore for any specific investment opportunities too in healthcare and other sectors as well.

Credimore will identify the business assets accordingly.

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