Study on the Not-for-Profit Hospital Model in India

The “Not-for-Profit” Hospital Sector has the reputation of providing affordable and accessible healthcare for many years. This sector has done yeoman service over the years with some institutions from even before Independence. Although various institutions have been established for different purposes, this sector provides not only curative healthcare, but also preventive healthcare, and links healthcare with social reform, community engagement, and education. They utilize the resources and grants provided to them by the Government to provide cost effective healthcare to the population without being overly concerned about profits.

However, this sector remains largely understudied, with a lack of awareness about its services in the public domain. Hence Niti Aayog has conducted a study on “Not for Profit Hospital Model” in India. This report was released yesterday.

The aim of this study is to understand the operating model of some of the prominent institutions across the country, including their premise of service, human resource availability, cost containment levers, and the challenges they face.

This study will facilitate policymakers in deciding how they can assist this sector to sustain, grow, and in turn, help reach the unreached sections of society.

This report covers :
Objective of the Study
Criteria for Classification of Hospitals
Key Findings
Challenges Faced by the Not-for-Profit Hospitals
Proposed Policy Interventions to Promote the Not-for-Profit Hospital Sector

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