ESIC has notified Covid-19 relief scheme to families of employees, covered under ESIC

The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has notified Covid-19 relief scheme to the families of employees, covered under ESIC, who died of Covid-19.

This scheme will be valid for two years. The family pension which is normally payable only in case of death due to employment injury has now been relaxed to include death due to Covid-19. As per the scheme, the family members of the employee will be eligible for family pension equivalent up to 90 per cent of the average wage of the deceased employee, subject to a minimum of Rs 1800 per month.

Eligibility conditions are the employees should have been registered under the EȘI scheme at least 3 months prior to the date of diagnosis with Covid-19 and contribution in respect of him/her should have been paid or payable for at least 70 days during the period of maximum one year immediately preceding the diagnosis of coronavirus disease.

Those employees falling short of the required contributory condition of 70 days due to their leave under Maternity or TDB or ESB, the number of days of such leave will also be considered as eligible under these criteria, only under this special scheme.

Besides, the spouse of the deceased employee shall be eligible for medical treatment in ESI hospital/dispensaries on payment of Rs 120 per annum. The claim for the pension benefit can be submitted in any branch office of ESIC along with the Covid-19 positive report, death certificate, and the identity (Aadhar Card or Voter ID or E- Pehchan in original) of the deceased employee and age proof of the dependent family members (Copy of Aadhar Card, Birth Certificate of all claimants).

For more information, can contact the help desk of the nearest ESIC branch office or visit

Download the notification of ESIC here :

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