What is Virtual Process Assessor ?

  • Checks the readiness of the Hospitals
  • Checks the adherence to established processes and systems
  • Spreads the Culture of Process Orientation
  • Helps create work flows, map and work on processes and metrics
  • Ensures seem less process flow across the facility
  • Enables Healthcare Facilities to meet the required standards

What does the Tool contain ?

  • Assessments for each Process / Department – Hospitals
  • Assessments for Laboratories
  • Assessments for Minimum Standards
  • Demo Assessment

How does it Work?

Test Assessment :

  • Take up Online Test
  • Generates Score Card

Recommendation Assessment :

  • Take up Online Test
  • Generates Score Card
  • Auditor’s Report of Recommendations provided for improvement


The Score Card

  • helps to assess the Process Maturity of the Healthcare Organisation
  • Check how equipped is your team to meet the accreditation audits

The Recommendation Report

  • helps to improve the overall Maturity level of the Healthcare Organisation
  • Implement Strong Processes into your system

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