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Covid 19 has brought the market place ecosystem to a grinding halt and has exposed the weaknesses in the way of doing business across all business segments, across the geographies.

Markets with digital ecosystem in place are able to recover swiftly, shifted to digital mode of managing businesses faster, once the pandemic severity has receded. What was witnessed at the market place was the smooth transition from offline to online as way of doing business in some sectors. Many businesses have started introducing hydrid working models at work place too in dealing with internal as well as with external teams.

Management Systems domain too has witnessed robust Online Trainings , Remote Audits, Faceless audits in the initial periods, immediately after covid and later it has shifted to hybrid mode to increase the confidence of the customers. Regulatory Assessments have also shifted to remote assessment mode during the crisis time and robust regulatory system has used this remote assessment mode to grant emergency use authorisations to many product companies.

Consulting domain too has many formats of delivering Consulting Solutions – Offline , Online, remote and hybrid modes. What really works well is the Hybrid Model with a combination of Online and Offline (Physical Presence) engagements to add value to clients and reduce costs associated with various miscellaneous expenses for routine engagements.

Remote Consulting, Remote Audits equally work well to check the readiness of the clients workplace systems effectiveness anytime . Surprise Audits, Unannounced Audits, Blind audits, faceless audits help organisations to check the team’s maturity level in implementing the systems in a robust manner.

Businesses had gone into long holiday mode from maintaining Quality Mgmt Systems, Regulatory reqts etc and to bring back a derailed systems environment will take long time and efforts for organisations which are struggling with multiple challenges when businesses opened up slowly.

Disasters of this massive size cause serious damage to businesses and greatly affect human resources psychology and behaviors at work place too.

Robust Management Systems at work place are often linked to establishing effective connect between People + Systems + Technologies. This is the right time for businesses to establish a good connect between People & Systems, using Technologies, which never happened earlier in the true spirit.

When Assessments get into full swing mode, mkt place will be subject to unannounced audits, surprise audits etc to check real quality practices at mkt place, which had gone into long hibernation mode as far as maintaining quality practices is concerned.

Businesses are always subject to meeting compliances, regulations, standards , certifications, accreditations , customer audits requirements etc and there is no compromise on these requirements which are an integral part of way of doing business across the global markets. Third Party Assessments are an integral part of any business and mode of delivering these assessments may undergo a change now . Hybrid Models will be the way forward for conducting Assessments !

At Value Added, we have built remote assessment tools to enable businesses shift to remote audits to check the “anytime audit readiness” of the businesses on ongoing basis .

We have ready made solutions offering two Assessment Models.

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