Virtual Accountant

Are you a start up Company?

Are you a small or medium enterprise?

Are you struggling to find an accountant?

Are you tired of the continuous churn in your accounts team?

Are you looking for standard reports and MIS?

So here we are! Virtual Accountant! Outsource the book-keeping to us and carry on your business in peace! We not only update your accounts but also provide you with the required financial reports on a timely basis. We can also customise the reports as per your business requirements. Our experienced team of chartered accountants and book-keepers will ensure qualitative service in a cost-efficient manner. We take care of all your regular accounting needs, be it, payroll, GST, tax advice, or financial preparation and much more than that.

And all these activities are done online! There is no hassle of transporting documents physically. Just scan and upload on to our portal from where we take over!


You don’t have to get worried about the price you need to pay! There are no hidden costs, no extra charge. You know exactly what you are paying for! Our prices are transparent, pre-fixed based, on the volume of estimated work and the extent of services required by you. You will find your accounting costs reducing by almost 50% You can choose from the package of services which we provide and for this purpose we have divided the services into various levels. Go ahead and choose yours…

  Start-up Accounting Services (SAS) Start-up Accounting Services –Plus (SAS+) Accelerated Accounting Services (AAS)
Setting up Accounts.
Sales/Purchase Accounting.
Payments Accounting.
Monthly Bank Reconciliation Statements.
Monthly Receivable Statements.
Monthly Payable Statement.
Issuing instruction for remitting TDS and GST.
Generation of Monthly Balance Sheet
Preparation of Financial Statements for audit review
Monthly Payroll preparation.
Monthly and Annual GST Returns.
Non-Resident remittances and TDS.
Filing of Quarterly TDS returns.
Filing of Monthly ESI & PF returns.
Professional Tax Calculation and filing of Returns.
Reconciliation with the Customers based on statements provided.
Reconciliation with Vendors based on statements provided.
Liaison with Auditors.
Monthly cash flow statements.
Preparation and Maintenance of Fixed Asset register.
Raising of invoices.
Following up for collection of receivables.
Statutory compliances, as per mutually agreed enactments.
Implementation of New IT Systems.
Process Optimization.
Issuing payment advices to the banks.
Special formats for Monthly reports.
Preparation of annual budgets.
Cost Analysis.

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