Oxygen Crisis for Covid Patients

Online Discussion on May 10th 2021 from 4 – 5 30 pm

Can industry offer support to hospitals , to tide over the oxygen crisis , by creating additional manufacturing capacities ?

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About the Program
2nd wave of covid 19 is hitting all stakeholders at market place very hard – be it the communities, health workers, covid warriors, govt workers, industry workers etc. Pandemic is not relenting and affecting all in multiple directions
wave after wave. Impact of 2nd wave is so severe and high that health sector is struggling with supply chain gaps.

Session will address the following FAQs :
– Do covid positive patients need Oxygen ?
– Do they need oxygen supply at home or in a Hospital environment ?
– What solutions are offered for oxygen supply , at the moment, in the market ?
– Whether Hospitals need more concentrators or liquid oxygen supply or refill cylinders? what is their immediate need ? Why the demand for concentrators is very high ?
– What do hospitals need , as immediate priority solution from industry, to meet oxygen crisis ?
– Can Industry help hospitals to tide over the crisis by creating some manufacturing capabilities , if needed ?
– Do we have enough mfrers or suppliers for these mkt needs ?
– Are we importing products like Oxygen concentrators ,which come under Medical Devices ?

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Investment Opportunities in India’s Healthcare Sector

Recent Report by Niti Aayog

Niti Aayog has recently released a report on Investment Opportunities in Indian Healthcare Sector.

This Report provides an overview of India’s healthcare sector, including insights about its employment generation potential, the prevailing business and investment climate as well as the overarching policy landscape. It also highlights the key drivers of growth for the sector and the third section elaborates upon the enabling policies
and investment opportunities in 7 key segments, including hospitals and infrastructure, health insurance, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, medical devices, medical tourism, home healthcare as well as telemedicine and other technologyrelated health services.

In the hospital segment, the expansion of private players to Tier 2 and Tier 3 locations, beyond metropolitan cities, offers an attractive investment opportunity. According to Invest India’s Investment Grid, there are nearly 600 investment opportunities worth USD 32 Billion (INR 2.3 Lakh Crore) in the country’s hospital/ medical infrastructure sub-sector

I have shared some key inputs from this report which is available in the public domain (https://niti.gov.in/node/1475 ) and wrote a short article in the Information Bulletin of Andhra Chamber of Commerce. Considering my longest innings in healthcare sector and having watched from close quarters about the private investments patterns into this domain, I have shared my thoughts, views on why the FDI investments route is not the right solution for pumping investments into healthcare domain.

My article is there in page 20 of Chamber’s bulletin which can be downloaded from here :

About the Author :

Ms Rama Venugopal, Executive Director

Medical Devices Regulation

Announcement from CDSCO

CDSCO has released a notification about the regulation of certain medical devices like blood glucose monitors, BP monitors, Nebulisers and Thermometers , the same is shared here

Medical Device Industry and other stakeholders including Hospitals, Diagnostics Sector, other healthcare orgns and patient communities have to follow the med dev regulations that are being announced on regular basis .