Strategies & Marketing


Value Added helps organizations navigate the road ahead by recognizing opportunity, clarifying vision, creating strategies, implementing action and measuring results. The team at Value Added has experienced professionals who have come together to help our clients realize their potential while maximizing return on investment and enhancing their competitive advantage.


At Value Added, we advise clients seeking to monetize value created over time through divestment of business enterprises, in whole or in part, as also those in search of inorganic growth for acquiring scale, size or scope. Accordingly, our engagements include working for either sellers or buyers of businesses – “Sell Side” or “Buy Side” respectively.

Our experience in having facilitated M&A deals, drives our ability to successfully navigate complex transactions, managing multiple moving parts and sensitive qualitative issues. Our deep rooted understanding of the nuances and the relationships we have developed over the years, with both entrepreneurs and top management of corporates, positions us advantageously to engage in a strategic M&A dialogue to effectively derive results.


The value of any business depends on two things: future profits and the risks associated with such profits. Value Added’s expertise in financial modeling and forecasting gives you assurance that the information underlying our business valuation estimates is as accurate and reliable as possible. Moreover, our experience in business valuation gives you assurance that appropriate methods are used to reach accurate, reliable estimates of the market value of your business. Our business valuation estimates represent what business owners could reasonably expect the market prices of their businesses to be in a transaction.

Some of our business valuation services include:

  • Startup Valuations
  • Merger/Acquisition Valuations


Sailing through the markets requires deep understanding of demand, competition and penetration. Value Added conducts Market Feasibility & Business Feasibility studies to understand whether or not a specific project, venture, or approach is feasible. The ultimate outcome of any feasibiliy study is a go / no go decision. At Value Added, we research and analyze market factors such as demographics, demand, market capacity, competition, regulation, cultural issues, etc. and help you make the right decision on your proposed projects / expansion plans.


New digital technology has created a huge change in the quantum of data being generated across all industries. Businesses that know how to capture and analyse this data will gain a clear advantage when it comes to identifying new markets, understanding customers, managing profitability, cutting costs, monitoring riskand managing performance. The team at Value Added applies business analytics with this in mind – focusing on real business challenges and developing practical solutions that give clients the insight they need to do better business.


Whether market or industry focused or on a project specific basis, joint ventures are often a sensible and practical market entry option. Value Added can help organizations The task, finding the right partner, arriving at a workable structure within a given time frame and budget.

We can advise and make recommendations on preparing the partner/JV profile. We guide and assist management in identifying and evaluating potential JV partners and options. After having selected a partner, Value Added can assist and advise the client on progressing the venture to operational status.